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Chicken – Egg?

Tame Impala? “Never heard of them” you may say.  Well I was in the same boat for a long while.

What came first, the song or the video in terms of entering my own consciousness?

Hard to tell really. But I saw this initially on Vimeo and loved the video first and foremost. It is a surfing video that happens to use the track as its theme tune. The whole package did not encourage me to surf, but it did make me look up the band involved.

It is not quite the same as hearing yet another Groove Armada track on a car tv advert. You know the song already, so the advert is not really important. In fact it is verging upon the annoying after a while.

So which came first the video or the sound track?

Who cares in this case? Loving it all.

Way of Ozu

Watching the Editor’s pick list on Vimeo makes you wonder about how much junk has to be watched by the staff in order to derive that list. However you do get rewarded with the occasional golden nugget. As in this case where my jaw dropped on seeing this for the first time. Spellbinding. And I ask myself how long did this film take to be made in itself?

Crazy People doing crazy things

There is a really good blog run by a Jason Kottke. He posts a lot of varied stuff, much of which is sent to him by followers of his blog.

Check out his work on

Regular readers of this blog will know that I love an  action sports HD video, well here is one originally posted on Jason’s blog.

Notice one of my bike heroes features in this too

HD – Don’t you just love it!

Surf’s up Dude…..

BASE jumping looks so slow and calm……

Watch the video and towards the end there is a clip where the long haired lout has a jump off what is essentially the top of a mountain.  At 2:36 on the video if you look carefully you can see a road on the left hand side of the shot.

What has this got to do with the price of fish? I hear you ask. Watch the last video and you will see why!

Till you see this…

The video has three jumps on it and on the third clip has a little boy in shot. Watch that little lad’s reaction….