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The Papershopcruiser



I got the Old Papershopcruiser out of the shed the other day and also found an unpublished video which is also posted. Seems ages ago that I made it.


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Next goal wins laaaaaaads!

After hours of tinkering, trawling the internet for parts that fit that wretched Raleigh frame and consulting Sheldon Brown, the ultimate bike mechanic’s guru, the bike is now built.

Check it….


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Well it had to be done……

Not quite the top shelf porn mag – ‘reader’s wives’ sort of thing, but you catch the drift.

I have got my bike aka The Paper Shop Cruiser up loaded and published on “velospace”

Proper Job!

What a website that is – some absolutely stunning things in there. Forget Playboy! Go to www.velospace.org

I could spend hours looking at some of those pictures of some lovely machines.


Bike progress…..

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The bike is coming together. Brand new headset, bottom bracket and a front hub pulled apart and serviced by Baz.

Don’t look much but it has parts ripped off bikes in barns, two different council tips (I give Amersham the big thumbs up) and bids on ebay.

It has been a steep learning curve.