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The Company I Keep

An impressive selection drawn up here. Not sure if Adolf Hitler is on the guest list though.

It is nice to see such a distinguished list of People with Parkinson’s but it is too big a group for one thing. I know that I gained life membership of this club on my diagnosis, but am not bitter, nor angry about being a PWP.

I would much rather keep the company of those who have different badges of honour to wear.

Better still I like to associate with people who are special, unique, talented or courageous without even realising it.

Sitting Comfortably?

Muhammad Ali, Billy Connoly, Robin Williams, Bob Hoskins, Linda Ronstadt, Maurice White,

Y' nooo Big Yin. Shaken not stired Y’ nooo Big Yin. Shaken not stired

Michael J Fox, Johnny Cash, Roger Bannister, Martha Johnson, Ray Kennedy, Margaret Bourke-White, Alec Issigonis,  Mervyn Peake, A. J. P. Taylor , Terry-Thomas, John Betjeman, Charles Schulz.

It would be quite some party.

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It does not surprise or shock me.


Just a quick one as I do not want to dwell on this or labour the point.

In Parkinson’s Awareness week the BBC re-ran this news story about a poor fellow who felt the long arm of the law in Surrey last Summer during the Olympic Cycling road race. I did not hear about this as I was away in France during the Olympics, so thanks to Lorraine for drawing my attention to it.

Just follow the link

Link: Man gets arrested for having PD

Bike hero #5

Some ‘Random’ with Parkinson’s

The way people react to you having Parkinson’s is different, but it helps if people just show a bit of empathy not sympathy. That goes a long way to making the sufferer calmer and happier. This is good as stress and confrontation can set a person with PD into a state with full blown symptoms.

People with Parkinson’s try and hide the symptoms that they have and the drugs they take help mask the things that go wrong with their bodies. Rarely will a PD sufferer say anything about their problems – except to those that they love and trust.

Big tip though if a PD sufferer asks for help, then they probably are in need. This almost stubborn denial of these problems that PD causes means that sufferers try and prove they can cope. This puts tremendous pressure on the nearest and dearest at times. They must cope too, as well as care.

So I give you Bike hero #5

The random bloke has to cope with the ‘freezing’ that I am so used to that it has become part of my life – I hope that he is un-medicated, otherwise he is in a bad way. My hat goes off to him for allowing people to film him in that state.

However the person that I say is the true hero is the woman looking on in the background. I assume it is his wife – the person who cares and has to deal with so much pain herself. Not many people out there are able to give that much of their heart and soul to someone else.

Know it all


Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over six years ago now I remember phoning up Andy to tell him about this bizarre coincidence. On telling Andy the news all I could hear was him say “Oh Sam, no…..” softly down the line. Now having been put out to grass a few years later I am beginning not to get bitter and twisted per se. But this post of his is becoming a statement with a sentiment that resonates more with me these days.

I still say keep on rockin’ and a rollin’ though Brother – till the next Iggy Pop gig and all that!