Those were the days.

Those were the days. This is a series of collection of stories that come from a data base that I have built up over the years as I have remembered something or got the odd flash back.

I do not have a romantic view of the past, but will say that I feel sure that things have maybe not changed for the better in teaching. The element of fear of those on the chalk face mixed liberally with day to day management that is often inept forms a cocktail that nobody wants to go near.

So after 20 years in the job it is time to try and put a smile on peoples faces with a few a few stories.

Here is a subject mattter list of the posts so far:

Cover lessons and the T-Club

Teaching Practice in West Yorkshire


Work experience visits

Teaching Maths

Teaching then and now

Internet Image searches

Sports Day

The Science Skeleton

Bernie Cronin a PE Legend

More on Bernie

Clive Jarvis an inspirational English teacher

Students and a citizen’s arrest

The gun-slinging Deputy Head

Chalk and Reports

Teacher vices

Sports and Social

The Shutting of Slough Icerink

Parents’ Evenings

Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management 2

Junior driver

Old School Science demo from a Legend

Charities Week

Staff Band & Scouting for Girls

Tough student

The World’s Best Filing Method

The Hod Carrier in flip flops

Maths and the male anatomy



    • samthegas

      Thanks Big Al, it has been a long time in the teaching game. Times have changed since “those days” and it is nice to be able just to record my memories. It makes it even nicer knowing that people see the funny side too, so thanks for the positive feedback! More where this all came from, so I hope your enjoyment continues!
      Try a search of the “OLD SCHOOL” tags and you will find similar stories.

  1. Graham Veitch

    Hi Sam, i dont know if you will see this, i hope you do. It’s been a long time since we have seen and spoke, but i hope things are ok your end? Its been many years since your were my brilliant form teacher, my son has passed through Queensmead which brought back lots of great memories and i do wish those simpler days were still here sometimes.
    Well i do hope you are well, Rovers are still crap by the way but someone has to support them!!
    I wish you well and hope to catch up in the near future.
    Many thanks for some great memories!

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