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Box of vinyl………(6)

Got the old box of 45’s out for a flick through.

A bold purple cover stood out; I had rediscovered a GothRock classic. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary. In fact it gets a brief mention in a previous blog, but I think that it deserves more than an honourable mention.


The video was not that great, but I do remember it being on the video jukebox in the “Volley” on King Street. Video jukeboxes were all the rage back then after the dust had settled in the Betamax/VHS format war.

Goths were pseudo punks in the mid 80’s.   The sort of mainstream Gothic rock singles that were out then on the video screens were things like this Cult track, Killing Joke – A Love like Blood and Billy Idol’s – White Wedding.

I did like a lot of that style of music. Robert Smith of the Cure was a clever bloke in my opinion who wrote some unique songs. Siouxsie and the Banshees were another band that I thought were pretty sound. I never bought a Cult album though, but the single here was good to bop about to.

So this landed in my singles collection.

Coming back to King Street, pubs and music videos a couple of personal favourites of mine back then that were also on the jukebox were The Ramones – Teenage Lobotomy and Van Halen’s – Hot for Teacher. They stick in the mind. I somehow still remember staring through the smokey fug at the tv screens to watch those two videos, whilst I nursed a beer in the upstairs bar  The Ramones promo video was not as slickly produced as Michael Jackson’s Thriller,  but was a load more scarier from memory. I cannot find the actual video from then on-line today. Maybe it got banned by the Health and Safety people.

The Van Halen video just appealed for base reasons I suppose. Watching it now makes everything seem so dated. I will not post it as it is degrading to women, all warm blooded males can Google it.

Box of vinyl…………..(2)

There are a few bad ‘uns in this box of 45’s, yet there are a few classics.

Probably my all time number 1 is this one. The video to this is pretty cheesey – click on the image below to view it.

The Naval Volunteer in King Street was one of the first pubs in Bristol to have a video jukebox and good old Marvin was on there along with the Ramones – Teenage Lobotomy and Billy Idol – White Wedding.

Box of vinyl………….(1)

The youngsters amongst you – ie those sub 35 year olds may not have a vinyl collection. I think my albums went West when I went and spent time out of the country for a while. The box of 33 rpms got raped and pillaged by my sister I think.

However I found a box of 45’s in my new home that were in fact my own discs – they have stuck to me like glue it seems. A collection of about 50 singles that must have been in storage and somehow stayed in my possession.

So here are a few examples that I will air digitally over the next few weeks and months.

Click on the picture to hear the song.