HD – Don’t you just love it!

Surf’s up Dude…..

BASE jumping looks so slow and calm……

Watch the video and towards the end there is a clip where the long haired lout has a jump off what is essentially the top of a mountain.  At 2:36 on the video if you look carefully you can see a road on the left hand side of the shot.

What has this got to do with the price of fish? I hear you ask. Watch the last video and you will see why!

Till you see this…

The video has three jumps on it and on the third clip has a little boy in shot. Watch that little lad’s reaction….


  1. Tebby

    Hiya Sam- i had seen some of the base jumping clips before, but the last selection with them flying past the layby are epic!

    • samthegas

      Proper crazy is it not?
      The best bit is watching the reaction of those spectators who see this spectacle for the first time, especially that toddler at the end!

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