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Classic one liners………. 4

I was in the car yesterday, listening to Test Match Special and  at one point between overs the chit chat between Jonathan Agnew and Geoffrey Boycott centred on being to sea. It was a bit of a random conversation, but at one point Agnew paused and mused

“You can’t swim, can you Geoffrey?”

“No, but fish can’t bat so we’re even aren’t we,” came the reply

A great comeback that caused a few chuckles in the commentary box.

What a thoroughly nice bloke!

Well it is that time again. Another ritual humiliation is on the cards. So I thought with the Third Ashes Test match due to start this Thursday that I would revive the “Caption Competition”.

Reblogging the original post gives me the chance to sing the praises of Philip Brown. He is the photographer who captured that moment perfectly when Shane Warne and Michael Vaughan share a private joke.

Now I am guilty of using a search engine to find a photo that I want for this blog and simply copying it and using it without paying much attention to who who took it. However in this instance I chanced upon this image first whilst casually surfing the net, reading cricket stories and then only after seeing the photo did I write the blog.

Writing about the image retrospectively made me think a bit more about how it was captured and as a result I traced Philip Brown to his website (Philip Brown – photographer)  and saw some of his work. I also wrote an email to him asking permission for me to use his photo and to my great surprise he wrote back and granted it and he seems like a top bloke too.

Check out his work at www.philipbrownphotos.com

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Alan Border! The former Australian cricket captain, who is 58 today was quoted in the week as saying about the current team’s batting in the Ashes series so far :

“Our major concern right now is the performance of the top six. I could honestly say the nine, ten and jack [No 11 batsman] looked more competent than our one, two and three. If that was me in the top three, I’d be embarrassed.”

Chin up mate and enjoy your special day!

Caption Competition.


Great photo from REUTERS/Philip Brown of two blokes who could play a bit in their time, but now just enjoying the day at Edgbaston yesterday.

But what were they saying?

My guess is that Warne was saying to Vaughan.

“Hey, I reckon that the Aussies could bat for a day and a half in an extended game over here this Summer.”

To which the ex-England skipper replies, “Yeah right, maybe against Scotland!”

Any other suggestions?