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Way of Ozu

Watching the Editor’s pick list on Vimeo makes you wonder about how much junk has to be watched by the staff in order to derive that list. However you do get rewarded with the occasional golden nugget. As in this case where my jaw dropped on seeing this for the first time. Spellbinding. And I ask myself how long did this film take to be made in itself?

HD – Don’t you just love it!

Surf’s up Dude…..

BASE jumping looks so slow and calm……

Watch the video and towards the end there is a clip where the long haired lout has a jump off what is essentially the top of a mountain.  At 2:36 on the video if you look carefully you can see a road on the left hand side of the shot.

What has this got to do with the price of fish? I hear you ask. Watch the last video and you will see why!

Till you see this…

The video has three jumps on it and on the third clip has a little boy in shot. Watch that little lad’s reaction….