June 2017

Well this Blog is a diary in most respects and acts like an aide memoir. It is a form of self expression that I recommend to anyone with time on their hands. It does make you stop and think, which surely helps anyone. It is always good to reflect and take stock.






  1. Samantha Cronin (nee Mealin)

    Hi Sam. I worked at the same school as you for a couple of years, as an NQT from 1992. I taught Biology. I remember the Tea Club! And in particular one horrible old teacher whose name eludes me, who was so spectacularly rude to me during report writing that Jim, our HOD, was going to give him what-for on my behalf. God, teaching was so sexist in those days! People don’t believe me when I tell them what I put up with from some of the male teachers. But the department boozing, the band and so on, I remember very fondly. Also CJ, who I only recently found out had passed on. I’d been living in the US at the time and lost touch with everyone. I love your blog — really takes me back. Also, I think you’ll have a good laugh at my married name. No, I did not marry Bernie or any of his relations!

    • samthegas

      Thanks for the message Sam.
      I cannot think of any horrible teachers in the tea club, but I can imagine the scenario with regards to your report writing experience. The tea club eventually dragged itself into the 20th Century and allowed women to join much to the disgruntlement of a few ‘old schoolers’, Most of whom went and formed a splinter group in the smokers’ room.
      I often think about CJ and he is missed by many.
      Haha – marrying Bernie? Well now there is a thought!
      Glad you like the blog, it needs more work, but I am pleased that it brought back some memories.

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