Rap music

Hmmmm. Rap or Hip Hop label it as you will, it is still a bit of a marmite jobbie really. You either love or hate it.

Now I have a few bits and bobs of hip hop on my ipod and it has its merits. However there is a point somewhere that even I draw the line.

RAP DON’T WORK IN GERMAN (especially when you can understand the lyrics)

Portuguese it goes ok:

French is sort of soothing and I love MC Solaar…..

But in German? Nope. It just does not go.


  1. Mikki davis

    LMAO crap no Marmite about it…… What a load of Rubbish!!!

    If you need any help with Hip Hop or RnB, I would be happy to recommend one or two Artist’s.


    • samthegas

      I am not saying that I don’t like Hip Hop. Jay – Z has produced some good things in recent times and I am never going to be told that The Message was not a revolutionary record of its day. However you miss the point. I am saying that I have never heard a convincing rap in German.
      ps. you can still let me know your favourite Hip Hop tracks, I would be interested to know.

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