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I have drafted a few posts about Rap artists and have decided to dust them down and get them out there.

Let me get this straight before I start I am a fan of all genres of music and I think that Rap music has its worth. I prescribe to the idea that all true and pure record collections should have no  Beatles albums in them at all and must contain Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. After that there is certainly space for hip-hop and rap music.

The first Rap artist I want to talk about is Snoop Dogg. He gets a bad press at times, which is to be expected when one considers some of the things he has done. He got a bit of a ticking off by Jay-Z this week, probably due to Mr Dogg sending a cake and some strippers to R&B singer Tyrese for his 36th Birthday.


The Guardian is a bit more complimentary about him, where they grudgingly admire his resourcefulness in making tv adverts for car insurance.

Rolling Stone described Snoop Dogg as “everyone’s favorite pimp”. I would not go that far, but he is a likeable rogue who is able to laugh at himself as well as those he is taking money from.

Loving his work with my other favourite joker Bootsy Collins.


The World needs people like Snoop Dogg and for that reason I salute him.

Rap music

Hmmmm. Rap or Hip Hop label it as you will, it is still a bit of a marmite jobbie really. You either love or hate it.

Now I have a few bits and bobs of hip hop on my ipod and it has its merits. However there is a point somewhere that even I draw the line.

RAP DON’T WORK IN GERMAN (especially when you can understand the lyrics)

Portuguese it goes ok:

French is sort of soothing and I love MC Solaar…..

But in German? Nope. It just does not go.