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What was the Score?


Those that know me will know that I am a soccer nut and love following not only my team (Bristol Rovers), but the game in general. In the days before smart phones there were only a few ways that you could find out how your team had got on on that particular Saturday, unless you were actually at the match.

When I was teacher training in Leeds I would often walk into town and pick up a Sheffield Star Green Un at the Central Station. The last of these match day results newspapers has ceased trading of this season. The Portsmouth  Sports Mail “Pink ‘un” is no more.

Another way of finding out how your team had got on was to listen to the results on the radio at 5pm. 

Sports Report with its instantly recognisable theme tune was a national institution and still going strong today. Having said that I learn today that the BBC are going to end the Classified Results service on Radio 5

Nothing is sacred when it comes to football in the modern age.

It does not surprise or shock me.


Just a quick one as I do not want to dwell on this or labour the point.

In Parkinson’s Awareness week the BBC re-ran this news story about a poor fellow who felt the long arm of the law in Surrey last Summer during the Olympic Cycling road race. I did not hear about this as I was away in France during the Olympics, so thanks to Lorraine for drawing my attention to it.

Just follow the link

Link: Man gets arrested for having PD