The Company I Keep

An impressive selection drawn up here. Not sure if Adolf Hitler is on the guest list though.

It is nice to see such a distinguished list of People with Parkinson’s but it is too big a group for one thing. I know that I gained life membership of this club on my diagnosis, but am not bitter, nor angry about being a PWP.

I would much rather keep the company of those who have different badges of honour to wear.

Better still I like to associate with people who are special, unique, talented or courageous without even realising it.

Sitting Comfortably?

Muhammad Ali, Billy Connoly, Robin Williams, Bob Hoskins, Linda Ronstadt, Maurice White,

Y' nooo Big Yin. Shaken not stired Y’ nooo Big Yin. Shaken not stired

Michael J Fox, Johnny Cash, Roger Bannister, Martha Johnson, Ray Kennedy, Margaret Bourke-White, Alec Issigonis,  Mervyn Peake, A. J. P. Taylor , Terry-Thomas, John Betjeman, Charles Schulz.

It would be quite some party.

© Andy Daly 2014

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