1. Neil

    Mr Morgan! Or, Sam, I should say. I stumbled on your blog when a friend sent me a link to a post about Bernie Cronin (a popular Google search, no doubt). Very saddened to learn about CJ. Really, really. I still have my Mayor of Casterbridge book which he gave to me, and signed.
    Hope all is well with you.

    • samthegas

      Now then Neil. All good here with me at the moment.
      How you doing? What are you up to all these years?
      I do not have much to do with QM that much these days but I have been blogging about a few memories on here and will be chucking a few more “Those were the days” this week. They are indexed at https://samthegas.wordpress.com/those-were-the-days/
      There is a button for this at the top of each page on here.
      Hope you are fit and well and doing good things

  2. Neil

    Hi, I’m good thanks
    It has I guess been… 14 years. I’ve been up to a few things in that time I guess. Now I’m involved in a couple of web businesses (not sure how any of my school choices led to this…) In fact, one may involve the mighty Bristol Rovers soon, I hope, along with some other clubs.
    Those Were The Days. I like that. Well, keep them coming and will keep reading. It’s nice to see the school from the teachers’ point of view now. Seems it was mental on both sides – reassuring! You mentioned that Mr Jarvis had a blog – is that still around? I’d love to read that.

      • Neil

        The footy one is lotteries. All early stages but it’s looking good and it’ll be great to be getting in speak to the clubs and work with them.

        Keep the QM stuff coming. I’m trying to work out the names where they’re been changed to protect the guilty. Think I’ve got most of them!

        That’s a real sham about Mr Jarvis’s blog. I’d love to read that. Since I learnt that so may things about him have come back to me.

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