A play and miss at baseball is still a………………..

There is a certain uniqueness about Billy Bragg. He is clearly no political giant, but well thought of enough to be invited onto Question Time by the BBC. Cannot see that happening for many other people who have played live on Top of the Pops!

It was interesting to hear his response to the question posed by a member of the audience at the live show which was along the lines of ‘what would you do to solve the current economic crisis?’ After suggestions from politicians to cut public spending, stimulate small businesses and ease pressures on world economies by essentially printing more money, Billy said  “I would pay the ordinary workers a decent amount of pay by increasing the level of the minimum wage.”

I will leave you to think that how that compares with George Osbourne’s ideas on quantitative easing.

My mind goes back to Billy Bragg as I first saw him play during the miners strike. Strike is a word that has become metamorphosed into ‘industrial action’. Not too sure about that one.

A strike is still a strike in my book.

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