Am I going to get red carded?

Saturday Morning July 16th.

I refuse to be a doping cheat. My shallots are going to be baby talc free in The Lee Village Flower Show Vegetable Class 23 Open Section today. I am no drug cheat, although talc is still used to buff up most bulbs.


The weather has been rotten for the show today, but my shallots have been entered and staged in a tent that hopefully has not blown away in the gales. I am slightly concerned that I will be marked down on uniformity compared to the ones I see on the net – the ones I have  exhibited look proper rubbish. I only entered the shallot class very last minute as my spuds were so poor this year.

Tea Time

We go back to find I have nailed not only the Visitors Veg section, winning the  1st prize of £1 and a certificate with RED type but I have scooped the Visitors Cup (by default, but a win is a win!). The cup is a huge lump of silver wear and looks the doggies swingers! I am stunned! Rather unfortunate choice of T-shirt too as I go up to receive my award.

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    • samthegas

      Nice one Big Al – pity they do not have a car section in the show for you to enter. Although I will throw down the gauntlet and say I will enter the Visitors Photographic section next year if you do too. The person who gets the best judges prize wins a case of beer from the loser. No Fosters or similar mouthwash though please!
      You up for it?

      Click to access 2011%20flower%20show%20schedule.pdf

      (it is section 98 on the programme)

  1. samthegas

    The whole vibe up there in the Lee is quintessentially English. The place itself is a lovely village that has a lot going for it – the pub, the (two) church(es), the Green and some lovely looking houses and the Show itself is so well run by the villagers.
    I have been inspired to go back and defend my trophy and will be entering all three visitor’s classes next year – the Vegetable, the Fruit and the Cultivated Flower sections will all be attempted. Also might do the photography section if Big Al accepts his challenge!

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