There are some messed up people……

Now this Blogging lark starts you thinking and doing some strange things, but it also has made me see some strange things too.

I am growing vegetables again this year and I took some snaps of them as they do look quite good to me. I mucked about with a program called SLIDE and put the pictures of a few beans, carrots etc in a slide show. This show I then posted on the Blog via a link labelled Veg Porn. The link appears on my VIDs links, but you would not know as I did not publicise this. I did not think that it was worth announcing.

Now the thing about WordPress is it shows you stats about your Blog. How many hits you get, on what pages, where the person came from to get to your Blog eg. via a Facebook posting of mine – it is all there to see. You do not see who visits you, but you get told how they got to you basically.

Well I can say now that my slide show was clicked on first by one crazy dude, as they got there from a Google search for “Veg Porn”!

I am not joking, this is no wind up!

You can get help for that is all I say.

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