The team.

Well the first guess at the team was wrong in that the bloke stood next to Opalka is not Nic Tebb!

The back row was pretty well done except the bloke at the end is not Ruth Whitaker.

The caretaker was called Matt Springford – he was a tidy player and a real laugh to go on tour with. His nickname was “Billy T” because he was so prone to just go wandering off when we went out – we called him a liability. Mind you he did blag all 12 of us into the Jungle Club in Bolton one year with the “we are all firemen from London on a weekend’s training” line. When asked by the bouncer on the door to produce ID to prove it – his response quick as a flash was – “We are not supposed to carry it when we are off-duty in case it falls into the wrong hands” Priceless. The Jungle Club was the scene of that infamous incident that I cannot talk about in this forum.

I always roomed with Colin Raitt which was no problem except his Sunday hangover cure was a very early switch on of the TV and a serious amount of cartoon watching whilst he gulped down his first pint of the day (normally chocolate milk) with a couple of bags of sweets. Mad man! He had the incredible talent for kicking the football with his knee.

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