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I wish there was a record shop in town.

It is like the good old days. A musician plays his heart out at a gig  and after had your socks knocked off by the live performance you wait in anticipation for the next album to come out. Then when you find out this record is to made in collaboration with  another favourite combo then it is time to get really excited!

Time to buzz down to  Raynors/Rival/Revolver and get your hands on a copy of the LP.

Well Elvis Costello has teamed up with The Roots to make his latest album.

He did his best to shake up the dullards who were stood waiting in their chosen spots to see The Stones be wheeled out later. It was said that Freddie Flintoff used to bowl a lot of ‘effort’ balls in his Test career. Well Glastonbury 2013 was one of Elvis Costello’s ‘effort’ gigs.

So he has now gone onto work with Philadelphia’s finest. It just is a download away to see how they got on.

Music for the here and now.

Music and the internet go hand in hand. No longer do I have to go up the steps from the street into Revolver Records and down the dimly lit corridor past the vast amount of flyers and gig posters in order to find a new band, or inspiring piece of vinyl.

The internet is a bottomless pit of material and I find that you can easily hear a tune from someone new that takes your fancy in double quick time. I remember in Raynors Records (a shop that was further down the road from Revolver) that they still had a record listening booth and at Revolver you used to hand over a 12 ” single or EP to the bloke at the desk, who would play it and probably be able to tell you something about the band in question.

Meanwhile here is the record of the week……