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Gentrification – The Sourdough Index

I went to buy some bread from a baker’s shop in an up and coming, salubrious (yes, ok it is posh) part of town the other day. I only stopped in there as I was passing by and needed some bread.

When I asked for a small “Wholemeal”, I was told that there were none there. In fact it was a not a case of running out, but they did not sell wholemeal loaves at all. The nearest they had to that was a mixed grain sourdough loaf. One of three types of sourdough bread they stocked in the shop. It looked lovely stuff in there too.

Nevertheless I was a bit taken aback, not only by the price of the posh loaf (well over twice the price of a wholemeal loaf from my local baker), but also by the type of bread that they did stock.

I understand that the price reflects the higher business costs as well as what the local punters are prepared to pay. There is clearly a market for sourdough bread out there as well.

Added to this if I asked for a sourdough loaf in my local bakery I know the look I would get from the person serving me.

But is this what the world is coming to?