Films of 2019

The Sisters Brothers

Joaquin Phoenix is favourite to win an Oscar for Joker at the minute.

This time last year he was in this dark and gritty Western playing another gun for hire with a troubled past – (You Were Never Really Here).

John C Reilly stood out as well in a more serious role than his usual comedy parts. Lots of little details in the film that made it all the more real. Those flies!!


A heart warming coming of age movie. Some clever jokes and great characters. Passed the Mark Kermode 6 laugh test with ease.

The director, Olivia Wilde, found out her work had been censored by the airlines when she tried to watch the film on a Delta Airlines flight. Understandably she was not a happy bunny.

Woman at War

An Icelandic eco-warrior fights the good fight. Quirky humour and a feel good message made this film one of the standouts of the year. Great musical interludes from this random backing band and Ukrainian folk choir worked well, along with some stunning scenery.

It all sounds a bit weird, but it worked and I liked it a lot.

Official Secrets

Another thumbs up for Kiera Knightley in a lead role that she carries off well. She was excellent in Collette earlier in the year, but here you get to see how versatile she has become as an actor.

You also get a good reminder of what a slippery so and so Tony Blair was.

For Sama

One of the few 18 certificate films I have ever seen at the cinema. You do not get many these days.

Graphic footage of children caught up in the violence of Syria was not any easy watch at times, but well worth seeking out. With the award season starting up this film will hopefully get the recognition and rewards it deserves.

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