Film Review of 2017

Best seen on a big screen Blade Runner 2049, but it was just huge in scale and totally absorbing. Ridley Scott has shown what a master of his craft he really is.

Biggest surprise was Logan Lucky – I watched it with low expectations but I got lucky. It was a fast moving caper with some great laughs.

Best car chases and sound track Baby Driver, only trouble is that you watch it again and see Kevin Spacey in it, playing a manipulative boss. Still, anything that has a The Damned track in it is worth a look.

Best cast list was surely The Death of Stalin.

Honorable mention to Dunkirk which I saw as well as Guy Martin on Channel 4 restore the famous Spitfire that was ditched on the beach.

Most disappointing was Detroit.

The one that got away was Captain Underpants. I just kept missing out on chances to see it at the cinema. One day…….

BEST film for 2017 though was Land of Mine. First time I have ever seen a film in Screen 3 at the Watershed, which is tiny. My rusty German was good enough to understand the dialogue without worrying about the subtitles. A few years ago I was lucky enough to go on holiday to near where the film is set and it was the only one film that made me cry. So for that alone it gets my vote.

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