Music makes…..

Got this tip for a tune from Baz.

As soon as I saw the video I said that is Broadmead Shopping Centre!

How did I recognise that location?

Dub FX ‘Flow’ feat. Mr. Woodnote from bd films on Vimeo.

Well I was walking through Broadmead on the way home after a day “at the office” filing planning appeals at Tollgate House when some random woman keeled over and started an epileptic fit outside BHS.

Loads of people just ignored her – stepping over her with their shopping. I put my jacket under her head (which she semi dribbled/chundered over), put her in the recovery position as best I could and waited for her to stop fitting.

So the backdrop to this video is the same view I had of the shopping centre as I crouched amongst the shoppers.

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