Those were the days Part 15

Vision – did I just dream that?

When reminiscing about the past I had a flashback that came as a sudden vision. I was in a train of thought about the deputy we shall call Reg Ball. Then I suddenly remembered and I can see the scene still now in  my mind.

Reg was a deputy head at a certain West London comprehensive and I had to look for him for some reason during a free period in the summer term. Now after a long search found Reg in the big grounds maintenance garage used to store tractors, trailers, pitch markers etc. It was towards the front of the school next to the playground and not where you would expect to find a senior manager of the school. But this bloke was a bit of a one off.

I still see him now sat there in a deckchair with a rifle in his lap! This was during lesson time. Next to him is the site manager, who is sat in a deckchair too, but he has a fag in his mouth instead of a gun in his hands. The site manager points at something in the rafters and the Reg takes aim and fires the air rifle at it. The shot appears to have missed, the fag is swapped for the gun and the roles are reversed – deputy now spots and drags on the fag, whilst the site manager takes aim and shoots.

“What are you boys up to?” I ask.

“Reducing the pigeon population” says Reg the deputy head as he reaches for the air rifle to take his turn again after another failed attempt.

“Yeah, they’ve been shitting on my gang mower” adds the site manager.

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  1. andy daly

    Of course. We all know you didn’t dream it. Vision it may have been, but in my (limited) experience seems entirely consistent with the school’s ‘Pilot Policy’, enabled in the London Borough of Hillingdon, by the opting out of many schools from Local Authority financial control. So taylor-made were these ‘Pilot Policies’ allowed to be, that in some cases – as in the school I think you are describing – It resulted in an entirely new form of financial and managemental control. Known as ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’
    An interesting footnote to the 1980s, and the aim of successive governments to try alternative ways of funding schools.

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