Weird people

Weird people is maybe not the right title, but read on and you will catch the drift.

Weird people – the sort that do not conform, individuals that do not wear a label that you can read, in order to pop them in a pigeon hole. . I am talking about what we in England call “eccentrics”. These are the individuals who stand out in a crowd, not for their loud dress sense, but more for the way that they are wired up internally. They are “characters” and are often looked at with affection by the general population, but normally at arm’s length, because let us face facts – these people are still weird after all.

I think I have the makings of a list here and another series of posts.

Kurt Vonnegut is going to be put forward as my first example of a weird kind of guy.  You only have to read Slaughterhouse 5  to know what I mean. When I was asked by some what the book was about all I could do was say that it was a semi-autobiographical novel about a soldier in WWII, but it was very weird. Not exactly a review fit for the TLS, but I am more interested in the author and not his work.

His wit and humour come through in this video of him speaking on stage about the formulae used in writing stories.

This video came from stumbling upon a wonderful blog at  This site is something that I can only admire and aspire to.

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