Haiku 3

Haiku – how do we get there………….?

Thing is about Haiku that I find is that you cannot just force it out. Young kids seem to get the hang of it pretty quick and write some great poems. At the end of the day they have a refreshing naivety, no preconceptions as to what looks good, nor a deep-rooted fear of failure. What effectively is a combination a blank canvas, a clean slate and a clear conscience gives kids the edge when writing haiku, and I say good luck to them!

In addition, it is worth remembering that constructing Haiku mechanically just does not work, although it helps to know the rules. The site linked here is a really good place to start – not quite a Sheldon Brown production, but it is a really useful base camp on the trek up the mountain to find that pinnacle that is “a decent poem”.

Link to Haiku Base Camp

And when you lack inspiration you can always get it from here – a blog that publishes a poem a day.

Link to “a poem a day”

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